About Us

Green & Clean Energy Co. Ltd is not just a business, it’s a philosophy!

Green & Clean Energy Co. was founded in 2006.  Our unwavering vision has always been to bring multi-discipline, cutting edge, energy saving products to the marketplace.

  • Our products are practical, proven and make good sense both economically and environmentally.  Our search is ongoing for new products to compliment these goals.
  • We’re not just product distributors.  Ongoing commitment to research & development of new and improved products ensures our future success.  Better wind turbines, better power management, better lighting (LED and Induction) are sought so Green & Clean can continue to build the better “mouse trap” and remain cutting edge.  We work with National and Regional Governments to help fund ongoing research and development.
  • We provide our sales partners with:  proven products, sales and technical support, including web support, training, marketing materials, etc.  Green & Clean Authorized  Partners are provided with everything they need to hit the ground running and remain a leader in their marketplace.
  • Green & Clean Energy Co. is poised to develop as a trusted, internationally recognized brand of quality.  We currently have partners in North and South America, the Caribbean, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Australia and Europe.  All of our partners benefit from the economies of scale.
  • Green & Clean helps ensure security, independence, and quality of life for our partners and the environment.

Corporate locations:  Toronto – Vancouver – Bogota


 Our Mission Statement

  • To be a leading provider of healthy solutions for both ourselves and the environment.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical values.
  • Our partners are our greatest asset.  Continuing education and knowledge are an investment in our future.
  • Aggressively pursue new and feasible environmental technologies and bring them to the marketplace.
  • Integration of solutions and technologies to achieve maximum value and payback for our clients.
  • Stand behind our products and services long after the sale.