Financing All Your Capital Needs

Green & Clean Energy Co. has partners that can provide capitol for your sustainable projects.  Lease terms can be custom tailored to payback period thereby creating a self-financing lease via savings.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be costly.  With Green & Clean…it’s fiscally prudent! 

We offer Capital Leases, Operating Leases, Lines of Credit and Funding Options (in CAN or US dollars) to support all types of green energy systems, including installation and general project costs.

Financial Services

We can arrange financing options for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential renewable energy systems. We specialize in renewable energy systems our goal is to find the right funding solution for your specific project.

Green & Clean partners can offers you leasing advantages that our competitors either cannot offer or are not willing to offer. We can offer flexible terms (3-30 year terms), open ended leases, flexible payment plans and no money down options. We can offer credit lines for expansions or other expenses.Green & Clean is your full service funding partner. We will work with you to understand your business and your financing needs.