Green & Clean carries Discover batteries because they’re “Clean & Green”.  Discover’s a world leader in Stored Energy Products. They engineer and produce non-hazardous dry cell batteries, and complementary stored energy solutions. Discover brings together energy storage products with emerging technologies that lead the Clean and Green Energy movement


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The Deka Solar series of batteries is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free back-up power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. East Penn offers flooded, gel valve-regulated, and absorbed valve-regulated technologies to fit all of your solar applications including:
Water Pumping Wind Generation
Cathodic Protection
Lighting Navigational Aids Communications
Railway Signal Refrigeration
Residential/Small Village Road Repair Work
Remote Monitoring Solar Panel Electricity Collection

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Maintenance free – Gelled-cell products

Flooded maintenance saver series 

Flooded monobloc series

Unigy II

Sealed Gel/AGM technical manual