Green fuel tabs

Increasing mileage while reducing emissions is simple.  Just add a tablet to your gas tank every time you fill up. We can’t eliminate the combustion engine overnight but we can make a difference right now!

How Do Green Fuel Tabs Work?

1. Green Fuel Tabs make fuel burn more efficiently. Because more fuel burns, you get better mileage and less of it gets wasted as harmful emissions. This is why you get up to 20% better mileage, while decreasing emissions by up to 75%.

2. Green Fuel Tab is a natural process that cleans the gunky deposits out of your combustion chamber and engine, allowing it to burn more efficiently and more completely, and with less friction and heat. This results in better gas mileage, more power, lower emissions, and a cleaner running engine. All of this is done without using any harmful detergents, and is an environmentally friendly and green process.

3. Green Fuel Tabs patented “Quick Dissolve” process dissolves the tablet before your finished filling your tank. This means the tab is dissolved and dispersed into your full tank of gas, and is ready to go to work in burning your fuel more efficiently. It is the only fuel tab to have a patented quick dissolve process.