Commercial multi-zone

The heart of our solar/wind powered commercial system is Mitsubishi’s ”City Multi” system.  Efficient, trusted, versatile and proven.  City Multi is seemlessly integrated with wind or solar power system.  This is accomplished with SynergyAire’s Magnum power station.

The Magnum power station

The “Magnum power station” is a scalable, ”plug and play” system.  This is a neat, functional package that stores power in maintenance-free batteries and provides simple, external connection points for solar/wind/grid/generator.


  • houses stand-by batteries
  • battery charging/conditioning
  • stand-by generator control
  • power conditioning
  • power input management
  • Indoor and outdoor cabinets available
  • Can also be used as a portable power system for any virtually any use!

Tell us your needs and we’ll match a system for you!

Product info, click below for downloads:

S series sheet (up to 5-ton, 8 zone)

Y series sheet (up to 16 tons, 32 zones)

R2 series sheet (up to 16 tons high eff)

Magnum power station