Ductless solar air-conditoning/heating

When powering from renewables…efficiency is the name of the game!  Our solar/wind powered ductless split air-conditioners and heat pumps incorporate quality with the highest efficiencies (23 SEER) on the planet today!  Trusted, versatile and proven.  Our systems seemlessly integrate with wind or solar or a combination thereof.   This is the most efficient heating & cooling system in the world today!

The Magnum power station   

The “Magnum power station” is a scalable, customizable and simple ”plug and play” system.  This is a neat, functional package that provides simple, external connection points for solar/wind/grid/generator with the following features:


  • houses optional stand-by batteries
  • battery charging/conditioning
  • optional stand-by generator control
  • power conditioning
  • manages multiple power inputs
  • Indoor and outdoor cabinets available
  • a portable power system for virtually any use!

Tell us your needs and we’ll match a system for you!

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