Solar hot water

This is the most cost effective renewable energy available!

Green & Clean Energy has a working Sunda, solar hot water system on the roof of it’s Guelph office.  Click here to see how it’s performing right now!

Traditionally, we think of solar hot water as those black, plastic barrels you’d see on the roofs of Carribean buldings or those loops of black pipe on roofs. Well…times have changed!  Solar-thermal has been largely ignored in favour of more glamorous technologies like PV’s and Geothermal, but the facts are that solar-thermal is almost one-fifth the cost of Photo-voltaic with extremely high reliability.

Of all the renewable energy solutions presently available…solar-thermal is the leader for cost vs. payback. It is now possible with evacuated tube technology to extract large amounts of thermal energy from a relatively small collector. Even in cold climates. This energy can be used for heating:  water, buildings, pools, hot tubs, industrial process.  Solar-thermal can even supply energy for cooling and chilled water when mated with an absorption chiller.  All of this at a very attractive cost.

green & clean handles Sunda solar-thermal technology because of it’s superior energy absorption abilities, low maintenance, versatile installation and long life. These systems can pay for themselves in well under 5 years. Call & save today!  Highlighted text (above) will link to more info!rushanac_01_280.jpg


Sunda was originally founded as a joint venture between the German company DASA and the Chinese company SUNPO. Sunda was formed by merging outstanding engineering with cost-efficient manufacturing. The result has been long-lasting, quality solarthermal products.

Through diligent research and development over decades, the Seido series was designed. These new vacuum tubes maintain a high performance level as well as a long life span. With the addition of a modern production plant near Beijing, China, Sunda now has an annual capacity of 500,000 tubes and is considered one of the largest vacuum tube enterprises in the world.

The outstanding efficiency and reliability of the Seido tubes have been demonstrated thousands of times in private homes and apartment buildings on all continents. The Seido series has also proved to be an ideal solution world-wide for the heating and cooling of large scale plants, some of which well exceed 2,000 tubes.

Since the year 2000, Sunda has been led solely by its Chinese partners. Products and manufacturing are regularly improved in cooperation with research institutions. In 2001, the factory, built on more than 8,000 square meters, was certified according to ISO 9001 standards.
All tubes fulfill the requirement of DIN 4757 and the German TÜV.