LED lighting

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The evolution of lighting.  Our LED products are, by far, the most efficient, longest lasting and most environmentally friendly lighting system on the market today.

earth-line LED (Light Emitting Diode) products are available in many different colors, outputs and configurations.  Our LED’s are of the highest quality with the best heat sinks in the business.  That means the best performance and life-cycle with the best warranties to back it up!  All of our LED lamps and tubes come with a 3-year, no hassle warranty from manufacturers defects and failures.

They operate, on average, for 50,000 hours (compared to 5,000 for CFL’s).  That means your LED will last 34 years if used 4 hours a day…WOW!

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LED advantages:

  • up to 10 times better light efficiencies
  • up to 20 times longer life
  • Environmentally friendly.  No toxic mercury – recyclable
  • better color rendering – better healthier light
  • no strobing or flicker
  • virtually no EMF
  • greatly reduced maintenance costs