Wind Turbines

Green & Clean strongly believes that VAWT’s are the logical choice for most applications.  Horizontal Axis HAWT’s (prop type) are efficient and cost effective under certain conditions, the vast majority of sites do not enjoy these “ideal conditions“.  HAWT’s are noisy, and therefore rules out urban deployments.

If we are truly going to make a difference with renewable energy, we must bring it to the cities where most consumption occurs.  It’s common sense to generate as close to your load as possible.  This eliminates the need for expensive upgrades to aging distribution grids.  This means VAWT’s are the only viable wind solution for urban centers.


VAWT advantages

  • Can produce 50% more electricity per year over conventional systems with the same swept area.
  • Massive towers not required. Mount closer to the ground.
  • No yaw mechanisms and no gearbox’s.  Accepts wind from all directions.  This means less moving parts to breakdown, no leaking oil and more efficient transfer of power.
  • Can be located nearer the ground…easier to maintain.
  • Starts to generate at much lower speeds…6 m.p.h. (10 km/h).
  • Continues to generate in extremely high wind speeds.
  • May be deployed where taller structures are prohibited.
  • More flexible installation ability can take advantage of mesas, hilltops, ridgelines, and passes the funnel the wind and increase velocity.
  • Will not harm wildlife.  Birds see them as a solid object and steer clear.
  • Best of all…they are virtually silent!

Green & Clean has Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in the following sizes:  300W – 1KW – 3KW – 6KW – 20KW -  28KW (coming in 2010).

Let’s bring renewable energy generation closer to home!

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