Wind-advertising turbines


Wind-ad is the most exciting concept in advertising since the invention of neon.  Wind-ad is a highly efficient vertical axis wind turbine that spins and generates electricity in very low wind speeds.  The large surface area of the blades makes for a high-visibility marketing platform.  It’s “Sustainable Marketing”.

In this era of growing eco-awareness, environmental stewardship is now a large part of every companies image.  What better way to communicate that image than Wind-ad?

“Wind-ad stands out and draws the eye”

Your company benefits from a very high visibility medium that actually generates power.  Now that’s advertising that actually keeps on paying you!  Wind-ad also provides in-house financing from 3 – 30 years


  • 750 watt – 2.2 sq meters of ad space
  • 3KW – 8 sq meters of ad space
  • 6KW (shown left) – 16 sq meters of ad space
  • 20KW (below) – 36.5 sq meters of ad space

Click here for spec sheet (750W model)


MacDonald’s installs their first 20 kW Vertical Axis Wind-ad turbine in Europe

mc2.jpgMacDonald’s have installed their first 20 kW Big Star Turbine in Brema, Germany. To help assist with reducing their C02 emissions in a drive to become more environmentally sustainable. The Big Star Wind Rotor is offering both excellent energy benefits as well as providing a platform for corporate advertising. MacDonald’s have a serious commitment to reducing their C02 emissions throughout Europe and have invested significantly in unseen energy saving / renewable technologies. This Big Star Turbine provides MacDonald’s both micro generation as well as corporate social responsibility message to its customers.